Seth Roderick, PE

Serving customers in the greater Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

Seth Roderick is the founder and managing partner of Monteverde Engineering & Design Studio. In this role, Seth assists a variety of clients with property entitlement, site design, and transportation-related projects. He strives to be a strong advocate for his clients, and works hard to ensure they receive the most reward their project has to offer. Seth believes that this is often best accomplished through clear and direct communication, working with all parties to develop solutions that work on all fronts.

Mr. Roderick is my preferred engineer in the greater Shenandoah Valley, and has provided me with exceptional service on my commercial and residential projects for years. I can always count on Seth to be responsive in his communication, efficient in his design, and thoughtful in both. Knowing that Seth is overseeing my projects gives me peace of mind, a value that cannot be overstated.Ken Michael
Chairman of the Board, NAI The Michael Companies, Inc.
10100 Business Pkwy, Lanham, Maryland

The best projects are those which build relationships first, and the development second.