Murphy Liang

Serving customers in the greater Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

Murphy Liang is a civil Project Engineer with Monteverde Engineering & Design Studio and he graduated from Virginia Tech in 2019 with a BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Murphy grew up fascinated by heavy construction equipment and seeing how things were built, so it made sense for him to eventually pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. Murphy’s role as a Project Engineer with Monteverde is performing site design projects from the ground up and the “soup to nuts” involved with that process. He brings practical field knowledge he’s obtained from previous construction management and inspection experience in heavy civil infrastructure projects into the design aspect of engineering for Monteverde. Along with that, Murphy has pursued a commission as an engineering officer for the Army, so that he can learn and apply a very different perspective of engineering to his career. Currently, Murphy is a platoon leader for a National Guard engineering unit. All in all, he enjoys learning and practicing the intricacies that come with designing a project and seeing it come to fruition. In his free time, you’ll find Murphy in the outdoors either rock climbing, fishing, or camping. He also enjoys crafting in his woodshop, playing tuba in local ensembles, and drinking craft beers.

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