Jesse Layne

Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the wolf. —Aldo Leopold

Jesse Layne is an Environmental/Stormwater Designer with Monteverde Engineering & Design Studio. Jesse earned a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Science with a minor in Integrated Science and Technology from James Madison University. He has gained knowledge in various topics such as GIS, Sustainability, Soil Science, Natural Resources Management, & Regenerative Agriculture. Jesse is skilled in various GIS softwares and has a passion for conservation and sustainability. Before joining the Monteverde team, he worked as an Environmental Coordinator in the poultry industry but wanted to transition into Environmental Design due to the challenge and appeal of it. Jesse enjoys environmental design because each site is different and brings with it a new learning and problem-solving experience. He also enjoys doing site SWPPP inspections and building relationships with local contractors. When not at work, Jesse enjoys hiking with his fiancée and dogs, fly fishing, gardening, and listening to live music.