Jason Owen, PLA

Serving customers in the greater Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

Jason Owen is a Landscape Architect for Monteverde Engineering & Design Studio. Jason grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and has always had a keen appreciation for nature and a love for designing and building things. As a landscape architect and planner, Jason enjoys using these life-long passions to create places where people can connect with both the natural and built environment. Jason’s functional and aesthetic approach to projects seeks a solution that meets all the client’s needs, solves any site problems, maximizes the usability and functionality of the site, and is aesthetically attractive as well. Project work experience includes community parks, trails, urban streetscapes, therapy gardens, plazas and courtyards, residential subdivision and commercial site layouts, and monument entrance signage. Skills include site layout and grading, creating construction document sets, 2-d and 3-d visualization graphics, and GIS mapping. When not working, Jason enjoys hiking in the mountains and playing piano.

People ignore designs that ignore people —Frank Chimero